September 25, 2017
When a low income family is struck by the tragedy of a sick child, they are often left out of luck when it comes to getting assistance to reach specialized care. The flights alone can be a huge burden to these families that are already struggling with medical costs. It is in that need that Miracle Flights for Kids was founded. Their dream is to be able to help children of low income families reach their needed specialized medical care facility, no matter how far from their residence, without the debilitating costs. Because of Miracle Flights for Kids, these low income families now have access to healthcare that will dramatically improve their children’s quality of life.
March 29, 2017
It may seem like a difficult situation, but according to the grim statistics, at any given moment, about 30 million Americans are suffering with some sort of rare disease or condition that either negatively affects their life or shortens it. It is also an unfortunate fact that nearly half of these people are kids, who may not even live to see the day when they enter first grade. It is these realities that led to the creation of Miracle Flights for Kids back in 1985. Over the course of the last 30-plus years, that organization has become one of the most important charitable organizations in the U.S. It is certainly the most important nonprofit health and welfare flight organization in the country.

The need for the best healthcare treatment or even for a second opinion that could mean the difference between the difference between ife and death isn’t available locally, and is, in fact hundreds or thousands of miles away. Not all families have the means to afford the airfare, so Miracle Flights for Kids picks up the tab. Thanks to them, thousands of children every year get access to the medical help they need and, therefore, the peace of mind they deserve.